NRM Group restructures and rebrands as Boomerang Digital

Andrew Ludlow, who has served as Managing Director of NRM Group since 2012 has completed a far-reaching strategic rebrand of the business culminating in the launch of Boomerang Digital.

The product of a 12-month business review Boomerang Digital brings NRM, ISD and Big Deal games into a single entity and in the process providing a frictionless touchpoint for customers across the totality of its technology-driven product range.

Expanding on the strategy Boomerang Digital co-founder and Chief Executive Andrew Ludlow said:

“We are taking the NRM heritage totalling close to 30-years of ground-breaking thinking to create a platform from which to launch the next important phase of the Group’s development under the new Boomerang Digital brand. Throughout the 11-years that I had the privilege of being MD of NRM we have been on a fantastic journey which has seen us come together with Air Dice, our partners in Finland, and leverage our best-in-class team and technology in order to diversify our product offering to the extent that the old NRM no longer accurately represented who we had become.”

He added: “Because Boomerang Digital is a single entity offering a range of solutions it means that customers can now talk to us much more holistically about their requirement for end-to-end solutions. For example, we have an array of customers operating Jigsaw, Mobile App, Membership, SMS, hand-held tablets and compliance platforms – under Boomerang we can ensure that the technology ecosystem is appropriate and streamlined which means having a commonality of hardware and software integration. Boomerang offers a single view, single engagement and importantly a frictionless customer journey.”

Confirming that there will be no casualties as a result of the restructure Andrew Ludlow stated:

“When businesses start talking about restructuring the alarm bells can often start to ring. However, in our case the only changes will be adding the right, harmonious blend of super-talented people to the Boomerang Digital team.

“To grow the business, we need the right calibre people and we will continue to recruit the additional talent that we need. In addition, we recently announced a number of promotions in the business that were all well deserved. To compliment these, I am delighted to say that Chris Wrigley will be moving to the newly created post of COO and Wayne Forster Director of Product, membership and mobile, both working alongside the current management team of the business.” 

“The change in structure also means that we will be able to play to individual strengths, introduce clear succession planning linked to career pathways and grow the business both organically and via acquisition. A single and much more unified voice can also inspire internal and external stakeholders in a really profound and powerful way.”

Boomerang Digital’s first industry appearance will be as part of the Bingo Hub at EAG and Ludlow confirmed the importance of January’s event. He stated:

“We’ve got lots to talk about, lots to share and lots of exciting and invigorating plans for the future. In order to meet the entertainment and engagement demands of tech-savvy consumers our customers have evolved and so have we. It’s a really exciting time and the team cannot wait to bring the Boomerang Digital vision to life. EAG can’t come quickly enough!”