Jigsaw Entertainment

Introducing the Jigsaw Touchscreen Entertainment System, a comprehensive solution that brings everything you need to entertain your customers into one seamless, user-friendly package! Picture having instant access to an extensive library of music titles, including karaoke tracks from the renowned provider Sunfly. Engage your audience with interactive games that captivate with a simple screen swipe. Our Bingo feature seamlessly connects with other venues, offering the chance for incredible cash prizes. And to top it off, our tools empower you to effortlessly manage everything—from ensuring the perfect background music at the right moment to eye-catching screen advertising and much more. The Jigsaw system is your all-in-one entertainment solution.

Karaoke | Proudly presenting over 7,000 tracks from Sunfly, leaders in the field of karaoke entertainment.

Bingo | Host bingo like a pro with our onscreen number generator, adding a touch of grandeur to your events.

Interactive | Engage with Jigsaw in various ways—hosts can seamlessly control the entire show using a tablet device.

Advertising | Craft visually stunning digital point-of-sale graphics within minutes to enhance your promotional efforts.

Games | Experience a full night of entertainment any day of the week. You have the flexibility to choose when the fun begins!