E Bingo Vouchers

Boomerang Digital has joined forces with ECM Systems, a Playtech Group subsidiary, to introduce a groundbreaking advancement in bingo vouchering. If your venue utilizes ECM-powered tablets, seamlessly incorporate eBingo vouchers into your operations through our Maxim system.

It’s incredibly straightforward! You set up vouchers in Maxim, defining valid dates, terms and conditions, and other details.

Personalized vouchers are then effortlessly sent directly to customers through your regular Maxim-generated marketing. Once customers log in to their devices, the vouchers appear in their accounts.

Say goodbye to customer complaints about misplaced or overlooked vouchers.

No waiting in line, no stamping, no hassle!

Customers simply sit down, redeem their voucher, and dive into the game!

eBingo Vouchers represent the optimal way to enhance both customer and staff experiences simultaneously. The introduction of digital vouchering will benefit both parties, making your business processes more efficient and boosting sales.