Self Exclusion

What is Self-Exclusion?

In the UK, gambling operators are legally mandated to offer self-exclusion as an option. Self-exclusion is a process that allows individuals to request exclusion from gambling activities with a specific operator for a designated period, typically ranging from six months to five years. Practically, this means that during the self-exclusion period, individuals will be denied service at venues where they have initiated self-exclusion.

Boomerang Digital has provided relevant scheme solutions to both the Bingo Association and BACTA. For operators using Maxim, our system seamlessly integrates with both trade bodies’ schemes, enabling venue entry checks through the swipe or scan of a membership card or a photo gallery.

Our industry-leading system is continuously linked to self-exclusion entries, ensuring full compliance with gaming laws related to self-exclusion. It conducts checks on new members, instantly reports and logs information shared with other clubs and branches, and transmits data to a central server for valuable statistics maintained by The Gambling Commission.

Key Features:

For Maxim customers, the application is fully connected via an API to the Bacta and Bingo Association Self-Exclusion databases. For non-Maxim users, our Self-Exclusion software offers:

  • Web-based system for instant access
  • Full API for integration with existing systems
  • Browser-optimized for phone, tablet, or PC
  • Adjustable/variable radius-based exclusion
  • National exclusion capability
  • Alerts all clubs in the radius about the exclusion
  • Configurable gallery-based view
  • Powerful reporting tool


Maxim conducts instant checks when new members join to ensure they have not self-excluded at any other retail site. For sites using our customer-facing door entry kiosks, staff are immediately notified of potential breaches and can act accordingly.

Self-Exclusion Benefits:

  • Jointly designed and implemented with The Bingo Association and Bacta trade associations
  • Real-time membership checking
  • Centralised solution
  • Secure and encrypted data SSL
  • Strict data protection policy
  • European server location
  • No special hardware needed just an internet connection


Within both the Bingo Association and Bacta schemes, ISD has integrated tool sets to allow operators to add new exclusions directly from within our products and services, simplifying the process for users and leveraging technology effectively to assist problem gamblers in self-exclusion.

Key Requirements:

The licensed Bingo industry scheme involves customers completing an application form and providing a digital image of themselves. Their details are then added to a secure national database of individuals seeking exclusion from licensed bingo premises in Great Britain. Licensees must offer customers the ability to self-exclude from similar gambling activities offered in their locality by any other holder of an operating license, participating in available multi-operator self-exclusion schemes.
All non-remote operators holding premises licenses in the arcade, betting, bingo, and casino sectors are required to participate in a multi-operator self-exclusion scheme. LCCP: Social Responsibility code 3.5.6. The initiative started in April 2016.